Aydos Yazılım

Aydos Yazılım Geliştirme ve Robot Teknolojileri

Aydos Software Development and Robot Technologies started its activities in 2011 as a software department under the roof of Işıl Engineering.

It has been seen that the "AntiZAN" Personnel Efficiency measurement software developed by our software department for Işıl Engineering and its subsidiaries in a period of 7 years has greatly increased the productivity of our personnel and provided great added value to our companies in terms of time/efficiency. started its commercial activities in 2018 in the "Teknopark Istanbul" campus under the name of "Aydos Software Development and Robot Technologies".

Our company only develops products on efficiency and performance measurements.

In this way, it has closed a large gap in an important area such as time management and resource use.

Aydos Yazılım Geliştirme ve Robot Teknolojileri