AntiZAN WST 2.0 Personnel Tracking System


AntiZAN instantly analyzes the operations of your personnel on the computer and the work they do in the field and separates them under the tags "JOB, SPECIAL".

In this way, you can see how efficient your personnel are while they are using the computer or in the work they do in the field.

Detaylı Bilgi

List Report

It allows you to follow the personnel step by step and you can access the transaction details of the personnel. It shows the title, url and which program the operation is done.

Personal Activity Report

You can examine in detail the computer usage rates of the personnel during working hours, the idle time, productive work time and the duration of special transactions.

Inventory Tracking

Mobile Inventory Tracking

METS, especially (hospital, shopping mall, factory, construction site, vehicle service areas) such as multi-storey or consisting of many units It is an inventory tracking and authorization system developed for businesses.
Thanks to this system, you can instantly monitor which floor and room/area your mobile equipment is in the enterprise. You can do.
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Nowadays, IoT (Internet of Things) technology is becoming more and more popular in business. Businesses want to use proprietary IoT technologies to improve their products and services and create a smarter business. Custom IoT technologies help businesses achieve critical business goals, particularly customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and cost savings, by providing customized solutions.
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Internet of Things

This technology consists of web-enabled smart devices that allow collecting, sending and processing data from environments. IoT devices perform most of their work without human intervention, by communicating with other related devices, in line with the information they receive from each other.


Personnel Attendance Control System

With PDKS, the hours and dates of employees entering and leaving work can be tracked. In this way, it can be determined by this system whether each personnel arrives at work on time or late, or leaves work on time or early.

Safe Taxi

Safe Taxi System

Safe Taxi is a black box security system that we have developed for the first time for commercial vehicles. You can track the taxis on GPS thanks to this black box.
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You can measure the end-to-end performance of your company. AntiZAN